10 rules for successful website promotion

Website SEO
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Rules for successful website promotion. About content, design, marketing, social networks, and SEO.

Why a website is needed is clear to everyone. It is a business card of your company, a means of attracting new customers, a platform for communication between the company and customers, a platform for PR messages and demonstration of goods and services. But in order for the site to perform these functions, it must be properly configured and promoted.

Website SEO

10 rules for successful website promotion

1. Unique content.
We are not talking so much about visual content (photos, videos) as about text content. The site just has to have texts. Unique, interesting, attracting attention, and bringing the audience into contact. Copywriting is not just texts, it is a tool of marketing influence. If you place the text on the main page – you must understand what function it performs and what it gives. In this case, the text should convince the visitor to stay on the site and go to other pages, explaining what the site is about and why it is important to the visitor. By the way, the main page has 3-5 seconds for this. Therefore, the text should be as targeted as possible. And, of course, you know that texts must be unique. From 95% uniqueness, it can be checked on special services.

2. Competent website optimization.
Its goal is the high relevance of the site pages for the necessary key queries in search engines. The financial success of the site is largely determined by the traffic from search engines. Optimization can be both internal and external. Internal includes site analysis, finding matches to the promoted topic, getting rid of technical errors in the structure of the site, forming a semantic core and meta tags, optimizing pages for search queries, creating internal links, and optimizing images. External work includes the registration of the site in search engines, catalogs, the exchange of links (on thematic forums, in discussions on other sites, in social networks), and so on.

Website SEO

3. Increasing the time spent by visitors on the site.
The average time spent by visitors on the site has a significant impact on the promotion of the site. Search engines believe that the more time a visitor has spent on the site, the more interesting and relevant the site is to the search query. There are several ways to increase the average site visit time:

– Post an interesting video.
The duration of the video should be no more than a couple of minutes, it is desirable that the video was about your product, service and carried real value.

– Post reviews.
People really like to read reviews, and can study them for quite a long time.

– Hide part of the long text.
The most important information can be given briefly, and for more detailed information, the visitor will click and open the main text. The more deeply a person studies the product, the longer he stays on the site.

– Linking to more interesting sections.
For example, if a person is studying the "tablets" section, invite him to go to the "gaming tablets" or "tablets for study" section.

Website SEO

4. Page loading speed.
If previously slow-loading websites annoyed only users, now search engines don't like them either. How to achieve fast loading? Remove unnecessary plugins, enable data caching, optimize images, remove unnecessary graphics and videos. The modern user does not have time to wait until the page is fully loaded. He will leave your website to a place where his time will not be wasted.

5. Correct definition of the semantic core.
You can do this yourself, with the help of specialized Internet services. In order not to miss, it is worth focusing on successful competitors. But it is better to entrust the compilation of the semantic core to specialists since this is the basis for proper site optimization.

6. Less advertising.
The excessive number of ad blocks on the page is unnerving, the constant pop-ups are even more unnerving. They often distract and interfere with obtaining information. Your task is to keep the visitor on the site, and not to drive him away with annoying ads.

Website SEO

7. Regular content updates.
It is much preferable to upload new content twice a week than to upload 10 articles at once. Regular updates tell search engines that the site is alive and developing. Tip: update your blog on certain days (even hours). Then users will know for sure that a new article is expected today, and they will come in to read it. This will provide a certain traffic flow.

8. Interesting and useful content.
Don't write to write. Do not clog the pages with unnecessary texts. Don't write about what everyone already knows. Write brightly, write interesting and useful. The user must either learn something new every time or satisfy an emotional need (for discussion, motivation, inspiration, etc.). The content should be interesting and make you want to read more and more. The user should wait for your articles, and not enter out of boredom and leave after a few seconds.

Website SEO

9. Working with social networks.
Nowadays, ignoring the power of social media is just stupid. Firstly, there is a more active audience there. Secondly, from there it is easier to attract it to the site. Thirdly, traffic from social networks is valued more. Add social media buttons to the site, and leave links on the site on social networks. Don't forget to remind users to go to the site. Leave links to new products, a new blog article, and so on. But! Don't turn social networks into news aggregators. The content on social networks and on the site should be different. Consider the difference between the behavior and interests of the audience on social networks and the one that comes to the site.

10. High-quality website design.
Modern, functional, comfortable, and simply beautiful. At a minimum, it should not be repulsive and be understandable. As a maximum, inspire and attract attention. But, again, don't overdo it. The main thing on the site is not the design, but the content. Keep the balance.

Website SEO

What happens if you don't follow these rules?

Nothing good, of course. The site will go down in the search results, and it will be more difficult to raise it up. In addition, search engines are being upgraded and equipped with filters that filter out irrelevant, unnecessary websites. You can inadvertently fall under one of these filters. We have written about 10 rules for successful website promotion. Some of them you can start using today. But many details and nuances remained behind the scenes of professional optimization and promotion.

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