Doodling: the art of simple lines and shapes

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Doodling is one of the clear favorites among design styles these days. Let's understand the definitions, understand what kind of style it is and where it can be applied.

Doodling refers to the technique of drawing using simple graphic elements (doodles). Such elements can be both ordinary squiggles, doodles, simple shapes, curlicues, inscriptions, and more meaningful elements. But all of them must necessarily be united by spontaneous, slightly careless drawing, which gives this style the same attractiveness and charm. Drawing in the style of "doodling" allows you to make the composition more lively, interesting, and exciting.


A graphic drawing in the style of "doodling" can be either plot-based or without a specific plot, both black and white and color, but in the end result it must necessarily be mechanical, slightly careless sketches. The created drawing can be both an expression of the creative individuality of the artist, and carry some hidden message.

Despite the fact that doodling is just one of the modern art trends, since 2004, National Doodle Day has been celebrated in the UK. On this holiday, a deep meaning was laid in collecting donations for the treatment of seriously ill people. Britons of various ages and statuses, from schoolchildren to popular stars, post their doodles on the official website of the event. All the works are sold, and the money collected goes to charity.

To date, doodling has many fans all over the world, expanding the versatility of using this genre of fine art. This style is very popular in scrapbooking (decorative design of albums and postcards manually by a person). This graphic technique makes the composition more lively and interesting. Doodling is also very popular among artists and designers. Artists draw their works using squiggles, various shapes, create abstract compositions or images of animals, people, complex illustrations. Designers – when creating identity, printing, advertising.



A separate type of abstract doodling is a mandala, which is a complex abstract drawing in the shape of a circle. Mandala literally means "circle" in Sanskrit. Drawing a mandala, as a rule, begins from the very center of the circle, and the drawing itself can contain various geometric patterns, shapes, and objects in a freestyle, abstract symbols, and much more. The mandala attracts attention, stops the eye on itself, fascinates, and has a beneficial effect on the general condition of a person.

Contemporary art does not stand still, it is constantly evolving, offering new styles and approaches in design and artistic craft. It is very important to keep an eye on new trends that offer more and more opportunities. Doodling as art is no exception, it is original art that originated in all of us from childhood, but right now it has found millions of fans all over the world.

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