A corporate character or how to revive a brand

Corporate character
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Corporate or advertising hero, corporate character. What is a corporate character needed for and what role does he play in communicating with the target audience?

Corporate or advertising hero, corporate character – different names of one element of the corporate identity created for communication with the target audience. Such a hand-drawn or animated character is clearly associated with the trademark and humanizes it. He communicates with the audience in its language, creating the illusion of understanding and intimacy, which forms a trusting relationship of the type "consumer-brand".

Corporate character

Advantages of a corporate character

The main advantages of a branded character include:

1. Formation of sympathy and trust in the brand.
The corporate hero talks about the problems of customers and immediately offers a solution. The flexibility of artistic means allows you to place it in different situations, close to the target audience. A good example: the trademark character of the brand "Nesquik" is the rabbit Quickie. In the advertisement, the rabbit is shown to be positive, friendly, and energetic. He loves adventures very much and in his behavior is similar to children – the main consumers of the brand's product.

2. Increasing memorability and recognition.
People remember similarities and unusual things well. The corporate character combines these qualities. It is somewhat similar to the target audience and at the same time quite original and original. Using the image of a corporate character will positively affect the brand's memorability.

3. Facilitating advertising campaigns.
A corporate character makes advertising campaigns brighter, allows you to use a wide arsenal of marketing and artistic means: from growth figures to animators in plush costumes. A good example: is M&M's chocolate dragee. In its advertising campaigns, M&M's uses animators, gift plush toys, all kinds of color printing, and brand phrases from characters. A huge plus is that such a marketing pitch is perceived easily and positively.

Corporate character

Will the design of corporate characters be relevant in the future?

Despite the fact that minimalism has been in the position of a global trend for several years, branded characters will be relevant today, tomorrow, and in 20 years. Why? Because one of the main tenets of marketing says: "Advertising should evoke emotions." Nothing will cause more emotions than a bright and attractive character, firmly connected in the consumer's mind with a trademark.

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